Review : Build a Network Application with Node

I had the opportunity to review the PACKT video series “Build a Network Application with Node” by Joe Stanco.  This video series walks you through how, at a high-level, to create different types of web apps using Node.JS.

This video series targets the JavaScript developer with a basic understanding of Node.JS.  Joe Stanco does an excellent job in guiding the viewer through the creation of a series of web apps designed to highlight common develop use cases.  The examples start with a barebones “hello world” type app and gradually move the viewer to a more complex Socket.IO and Bootstrap app.

Joe Stanco’s presentation skills are impressive, from introduction to conclusion his delivery was clear, easy to understand, and in sync with his examples.  With a length of over 2 hours, the pace and clarify of presentation made “Build a Network Application with Node” easy to watch in a single sitting.

I do wish this was divided into a “Fundamentals” and “Advanced” course.  This would allow for Joe to spend more time on the advanced topics.

You can check out a sample section of “Build a Network Application with Node” on YouTube here.