CaptiveNetwork Depreciated in iOS9

If you use Network SSIDs in your application you most likely have a breaking change or two in store for you in upgrading to iOS9.  Most likely you are using a block of code that looks something like the below to get the current SSID of the device.

#import <SystemConfiguration/CaptiveNetwork.h>

-(NSString*) findSSID {
 	return @"simulator";        
	NSString * informationUnknown = @"unknown";        
	CFArrayRef interfaces = CNCopySupportedInterfaces();
	if(interfaces == nil){
		return informationUnknown;
	CFIndex count = CFArrayGetCount(interfaces);
	if(count == 0){
		return informationUnknown;
	CFDictionaryRef captiveNtwrkDict =
	CNCopyCurrentNetworkInfo(CFArrayGetValueAtIndex(interfaces, 0));
	NSDictionary *dict = ( __bridge NSDictionary*) captiveNtwrkDict;

	return (([dict objectForKey:@"SSID"]==nil)? informationUnknown :[dict objectForKey:@"SSID"]);

A quick look at the prerelease API documentation shows almost all of CaptiveNetwork’s properties and methods are depreciated.  This Apple developer forum post, highlights how you will now need to use the NetworkExtension framework’s new NEHotspotHelper class to access this information.

The below is how in iOS9 you can get an NSArray of all of the supported network interfaces.

#import <NetworkExtension/NetworkExtension.h>  

NSArray * networkInterfaces = [NEHotspotHelper supportedNetworkInterfaces];  
NSLog(@"Networks %@",networkInterfaces);  

The NEHotspotHelper class is part of the Hotspot improvements introduced in the NetworkExtension  framework.  There is a great WWDC video, “What’s New in Network Extension and VPN” which goes into detail on these new features and the associated breaking changes.

Unfortunately implementing NEHotspotHelper isn’t as easy as adding a conditional, you will need to add the new “”  entitlement in your project.  You will need to contact Apple to request this entitlement and complete a short questionnaire before this option will appear

Unlike most entitlements, you will need to contact Apple as outlined here to request access to the Network Extension entitlements for your team.  I’m still in the approval process so will see how easy it will be to switch to NEHotspotHelper.

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