Changing a Titanium iOS Module’s GUID

Occasionally you will need to a module’s GUID.  This is commonly done to avoid licensing conflicts with open source modules.

Updating a module’s GUID is a straight forward and simple process.  The below steps demonstrate how to change the GUID in your Titanium iOS custom module.

Before getting started it is important to note that Appcelerator doesn’t support updating your module’s GUIDs so please make a back-up of your original files just in case.

Generate a new GUID

The first step is to generate a new GUID.  I like to use Using this site we generate a GUID of 2016a336-bc2-494a-b112-98d6edd999de that we will us to update our Xcode module project.


Updating the Manifest File

When you create a Titanium Module project, a manifest file is automatically created for you.  This file contains your project name, version information, module id, and your module’s GUID.

The manifest file is located in the root of your Xcode project, as shown below.


Open this file in your favorite text editor and change the existing GUID to the new one generated by  In our case the manifest should now look like the below.



Updating your Xcode Project

The next step is to update your module’s moduleId method.  This is located in the <Your Module Name>Module.m file of your project. In this example our module is called BencodingNetwork, so we will want to look in the BencodingNetworkModule.m project file.


You will want to open this class file in Xcode and update the moduleGUID property.  You simply update the return value with the same GUID used in updating our manifest file.


Almost done, one last step

Now that you’ve updated your module’s GUID you will need to re-build your module.  To do this open terminal in the root of your module’s folder and run the ./ script as shown below.  This will generate a new compile module zip for you to use in your Titanium projects.


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