iOS Simulator Switching Devices

With Apple’s latest products, including the iPhone 5 we now have to worry about more form factors then ever. As the method for switching the device type in Titanium Studio is still pretty clumsy I went in search of an earlier way.

The Appcelerator forums had a great post by Rob Gabbard with an AppleScript helper to do just what I was looking for. With a small update to add support for the Retina iPad and iPhone 5 I can now switch devices must easier.

I wanted to share a link to this script for anyone that might have missed the QA post. Unfortunately this doesn’t address the need for the app to be launched again when the device is changed.

set selectedDevices to choose from list {"iPhone", "iPhone (Retina 3.5-inch)", "iPhone (Retina 4-inch)", "iPad", "iPad (Retina)"} with prompt "Choose device type:" default items {"iPhone"} without multiple selections allowed
if selectedDevices is not false then
    set selectedDevice to item 1 of selectedDevices as string
    set thePListFolderPath to path to preferences folder from user domain as string
    set thePListPath to thePListFolderPath & ""
    tell application "System Events"
        tell property list file thePListPath
            tell contents
                set value of property list item "SimulateDevice" to selectedDevice
            end tell
        end tell
    end tell
end if

View the the gist of the script.

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